Maria Milito

Maria Milito

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Learn About Pressure Point Therapy For Cats and Dogs!

Mission Meow Works With Businesses To Help Small Cat Rescues

Maria chats with Mission Meow founder Sally Williams (a returning guest; Sally is the founder of The Brodie Fund) about her new non-profit Mission Meow. Mission Meow partners with businesses to crowd-fund donations for smaller feline-focused non-profits.
An example: Raising money for Catsbury Park's (NJ) expansion.
Learn more at!

Operation K9 Beethoven Offers Free Emotional Support Dogs!

Maria chats with Co-Founder and Vice President Brian Reyngoudt of Operation K9 Beethoven, an non-profit organization that rescues and trains shelter dogs, then gives them to veterans, family members and first responders with PTSD, Free of charge! They also have a Pet Therapy Dog Program which visits VA homes and hospitals.
Give a listen and learn how you can help--they survive on donations:

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe During Your Super Bowl Party

Maria chats with Heart+Paw's Dr Amber Karwacki (4th time guest, now the Leader!) about how to enjoy your Super Bowl party while also keeping your pets safe. From what foods to keep out of your pet's reach to knowing when to keep your pets in another room...listen and learn!
Then have fun!

Pet Fees In Public Housing Need To Be Addressed

Maria chats with Best Friends Animal Society's Legislative Attorney Kelsey Gilmore Futeral about the exorbitant fees people in public housing have to pay in order to keep a pet! Learn more about this issue by listening, and please reach out to HUD Secretary Marcia Fudge asking HUD to issue guidelines to landlords so pet owners can afford to keep their pet!

Caring For Senior Dogs

Did you know there are over 40 million senior dogs living in the US (and that's a dog over the age of 7!) Maria chats with nationally respected veterinarian Dr. Albert Ahn on caring for your aging dog: signs to look for; winter hazards; and more. And most important? TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS! Listen and learn.

Slow Birding: How To Enjoy Birds In Your Own Backyard

Sure it's all about turkeys this time of year, but there are amazing birds flying around in your own backyard! Maria chats with author, slow-birder and animal behaviorist Joan E. Strassman about birds, their behavior and how to enjoy them! Learn more in her book "Slow Birding: The Art and Science of Enjoying the Birds in Your Own Backyard"

How The Comfort Of A Dog Helped When A Shocking Secret Was Revealed

Returning guest and author Carlyn Montes de Oca ("Dog As My Doctor, Cat As My Nurse") talks about her new book: "Junkyard Girl: A Memoir of Ancestry, Family Secrets and Second Chances", her true story of discovering she was adopted at the age of 57! And how the comfort of her dogs helped her throughout her life and today!

**Carlyn is donating 10% of book sales to Animal Protection New Mexico!**

The Hero's Benefit And Patriot Paws Service Dogs

Maria chats with The Hero's Benefit Founder Gabrielle Puglia about her organization that raises funds for veterans through her fundraisers, along with Patriot Paws Development Coordinator Sarah Mathers. Patriot Paws is the benefactor of this year's fundraiser.
Patriot Paws provides service dogs for free to veterans across the country!!
Learn about these two great organizations!! Follow @theherosbenefit and go to

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween!

Maria chats with Heart + Paw's Dr. Amber Karwacki (Third Time Guest! Only one other member: Pete Paxton!) about keeping your pets safe and sound while you enjoy Halloween! Remember just because it's fun for you doesn't mean it's good for your pet.