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Shopper Banned from Buc-ee’s After Bringing His Service Duck Inside Store

Buc-ee's in Richmond, KY.

Photo: Joe Hendrickson / iStock Editorial / Getty Images

A man who brought his service duck into a Buc-ee’s store in Tennessee has been banned from the chain, according to a YouTube video he posted. The store is located in Sevierville, Tennessee, near Pigeon Forge and east of Knoxville. I'll be stopping at that Buc-ee's on my way to South Carolina on Thursday...and I'll make sure to leave my service duck in the car. Don't worry, I'll crack the windows.

Justin Wood brought his service pet known as Wrinkle the Duck into the store, where they shopped around and received plenty of positive attentio from shoppers who wanted to pet Wrinkle and ask about her.

Wrinkle remained inside a stroller for most of the visit, occasionally coming out to high-five interested onlookers with her beak.

After they entered the store, they were approached by an employee who told him that “service dogs” were the only animals allowed inside the store. “She’s a service duck,” Wood responded.

They were allowed to continue on until a second employee told him, “Pets are not allowed in here.”

“If it was a dog it’d have to be on a leash.”

Once he left the store, he was approached by a police officer who told him, “They’re requesting you to be banned from the store,” adding that it was, in fact, every Buc-ee’s location and that he would be charged with trespassing if he was caught in another one duck or no.

Wood ended the video by saying, “It’s not an adventure if something doesn’t go wrong … Whenever you get some downs you know some ups and waiting around the corner.”

Of COURSE I've got the video.........

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