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You Could Earn$1,000 For Watching All 10 “Fast And The Furious” Movies

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Would you like to have a little side hustle getting paid to watch movies? A financial website is looking for someone who can spend two weeks binge-watching all 10 movies in the “Fast and the Furious” film series and they’re paying the lucky person $1,000 to do it.

FinanceBuzz is searching for a “Fast and Furious claims adjuster” to watch the more than 20 hours of movies, including the latest installment, “Fast X,” which comes out May 19th.

  • The contest winner will need to track damage from each and every car crash in all 10 movies.
  • They’ll need to note the crashes that result in damage, the extent of the damage and which cars are involved.
  • FinanceBuzz also wants to know whether the number of on-screen wrecks has increased or declined over the franchise’s history.
  • According to the job description, the website plans to use the findings to estimate the insurance impact of the series’ reckless driving.

To qualify for the gig, you’ll need to be able to rent or stream movies at home and watch the upcoming “Fast X” in a movie theater. You’ll need to apply by May 19th and the lucky winner will find out by May 26th.

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