I saw it 7 days ago

two weeks ago I received a videotape in the mail. It was not labeled but had the words WATCH ME on it. Things got real busy around the house that weekend so I was not able to watch it. I brought it with me to work and watched it last Monday during my lunch break. Bizzare video, lots of strange images and then an image of what looked like a solar eclipse that I stared at for several minutes. Then static... Soon after I received a call with a voiice that whispered ' 7 Days'.  I thought this was an interesting way to promote the upcoming solar eclipse which was to happen in 7 days, which is today. I told one of my coworkers the story when I arrived at work today and she told me there was a movie called 'The Ring'. which had the exact same scenario. But she said it wasn't about the eclipse. In the movie, the people who watch the videotape died exactly 7 days after they watched the video tape.  Well that's not so good news. That gives me until 12:57pm today before the creature comes to get me. If I'm not on the radio after 1pm, then you know what happened to me. And then, don't watch the video tape sitting on my desk.

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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