What's Her Sign Really Mean

I was reading an article in Maxim that was done on Zodiac signs and how they might give you a clue as top what a women's behavior and likes might be. I've never really had my chart done. I do often find those fortunes in the cookie rather amusing, but more often than not, true.  Perhaps I should get a formal reading of the stars done and see what planet I'm on or moon that I'm in, or something like that.  Wish I would have had this in college. After reading the article. Most of the women I dated fell into the descriptions below. Weird.  Check it out. I've edited down for space and interpretation consideration.

Aquarius – Spontaneous, experimentation threesomes

Pisces – Generous and foot fetish.

Aries – Like it kinky

Taurus – Romantic Food, candles and whipped cream

Gemini –  Like to talk a lot. dirty-talk. Lots of positions

Cancer – Emotional, role-playing. likes crying.

Leo – Craves attention, Fantastic animal-sex though, scratches, vocal.

Virgo –  Submissive…restraints and blindfolds

Libra – Classy and sophisticated. A five-star tastes, expensive.

Scorpio –  One Nighter  “hump and dump”  Best bet for public sex

Sagittarius – Mistress of seduction

Capricorn – Icy hot. Frigid until she warms up, then Red Hot. Open relationship possible.

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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