April Fool's Jokes - Time to plan

Do you have any great successes when it comes to punking your family or friends. Hit us up and let us know Please don't include anything that breaks the law.  Here are some of my favorites and a few shared by others.

One of my favorites and simplest prank to do at home is to put a rubber band around the spray nozzle attachment on the sink and point the nozzle towards where the person using the sink might stand. The sprayer is there all the time, but no one ever checks before they turn on the faucet. Gets them soaked every time.  

change the lock on the main door. They will not be able to get in.

Visit a friend's house and remove the labels on all of their canned goods.

Put a note on someone’s car that says “Sorry about the damage”…even though nothing happened.

Replace the clear hand sanitize with lube.

Send flowers to a coworker with an anonymous  sexy note to meet somewhere after work. Be close by to see if they show to see who it is.

Cover the toilet seat with white tooth paste

Here's a fun one for work. Talk with your IT guy, Get a broken keyboard and put Chia Pet seeds in it, water them, and let them grow for a couple days or a week. Then take the keyboard in and replace your co-worker’s keyboard with that one after they've left work the night before.

One of my all time favorite's When your co-worker leaves their Facebook open, change their birthday to April 1st and then everyone they know will send them a Happy Birthday message.

Take a screenshot of your co-worker’s desktop, remove all of their desktop icons, and close all applications. Then, set the taskbar to “auto-hide”, and set that screenshot as the wallpaper. The computer will look normal, but nothing will work. Brilliant.

Move your wife's car while she's at work. Fill the gas tank. Put it in a different lot. Move some of her things at home as well. She'll think she's losing her mind when nothing is where she remembers it. 

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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