KKRQ welcomes Skid Row

The first rebellion started in 1986. New Jersey kids, punk and metal attitude, determined to conquer the world. All for one, banded together with single-minded purpose. The battlefield was the stage, the songs their arsenal in an us-against-them musical coup d'état. Top Ten singles. Gold and multi-platinum sales. No. 1 on the Billboard album chart. The world was theirs, the rebellion won, until there was nothing left to fight for — so they fought each other. Following an ill-advised South American tour in 1996, the band was finished. But the core camaraderie never died. Snake Sabo, Scotti Hill and Rachel Bolan vowed that SKID ROW wouldn't fade into rock and roll obscurity. Skid Row returned to the big stage — literally — opening for Kiss in 2000. Exhilarated to tour with the heroes who rallied them in the first place, the band was reinvigorated by being underdogs who needed to come out fighting to prove themselves. “When we put the band back together, we needed to reintroduce Skid Row as relevant without relying too much on past success,” explains bassist Rachel Bolan. “We wrote songs and hit the road. We sunk our heart and soul into it, letting people know we weren't doing it for lack of anything better to do.” Their rebellion continues. United World Rebellion starts now.With Special Guest :: Autograph This platinum-selling hard rock group, who has toured with Motley Crue, Aerosmith, and Van Halen, are back on tour and coming to our Back Waters Stage! The band, consisting of Simon Daniels, Steve Lynch, Randy Rand, and Marc Wieland, found great success in the 1980s with their albums Sign In Please, That's The Stuff, and Loud And Clear. Back on tour since 2014, you won't want to miss them perform fan favorites "Turn Up The Radio" and "You Are Us, We Are You"!  Event held rain or shine.  Tickets are not refundable.  Ticket prices increase the week of the show


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