Surprise : Why Happy Couples Stop Having Sex. You are not alone

 Blame Science. When you first get together, according to biological anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher, your dopamine levels shoot up. That increases your libido. Over time, your attachment to each other gets stronger and the dopamine settles down and with it the sex.There are other factors too.

 Stress Past partners. The more you have, science shows, the lower the quality of sex, communication and relationship stability is during a marriage. (disagree) Judging  your current partner with the past or what she sued to do before your got married. Kids. Her Low sex drive. Ask her what she wants is a good idea. Regardless of what the reason in your situations, a slow down is inevitable. Talk to your partner about it or even invest in a professional – that’s a therapist not a prostitute.  It that doesn’t work watch Porn together to get into the mood and perhaps add role playing and toys to enhance her pleasure that she’s not getting from you.

REf: NY Post

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