Candy and Beer Pairings for tonight

So you are stuck handing out Candy tonight. There's nothing wrong with tossing back a few if you wont be driving. Here's a list of best beers to go with specific candy. Enjoy.  Bad part,  There is no indication on how many pieces of candy go with each drink. Just guess its more than 2.

3 Musketeers and Oatmeal Stout - The coffee notes in this beer pair well with the fluffy chocolate in this candy bar. Some recommend freezing the 3 Musketeers first for the ultimate treat.

Candy corn and Cream Ale - These classic Halloween candies are high in sugar, so you want a light beer to enjoy with them. A low-hopped American cream ale works well with those sweet candies.

Kit Kats and Dunkel - This German beer has a caramel-toffee flavor that goes well with a Kit Kat.

Reeses PB Cups  - An Oktoberfest lager will help bring out the saltiness of your peanut butter cups. 

Skittles and Dubbel - This aromatic Belgian beer is a good match for the fruitiness of Skittles. 

Snickers and Brown Ale - Nothing tastes as good with a peanut-packed Snickers as a nutty brown ale. 

Twix and Hefeweizen - The caramel and shortbread in a Twix bar is an ideal match for this unfiltered beer.

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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