Expensive Holiday and still have my fingers, hearing no so much

I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. It was an eventful weekend. It started off Saturday morning I went in to donate blood at Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center at 6:45am, went home and worked in the yard. Ignored the warning not to lift anything or do strenuous work for 12 hours, so I got dizzy and stumbled, and sprained my ankle. Then it was off to work at a Fireworks remote. That went fine and we gave away a $1200 fireworks package. My family showed up and proceeded to spend more on fireworks than I had just made. Went shopping for my daughters birthday present and got her a new iphone. Saturday night went to Dinner at the Black Sheep  Social CLub, very good, and the on to the Paramount to see the Booby Bones show. Sunday went to the park and played ball with my sons then took family out to dinner for my daughters birthday. We then did some fireworks. In the process of moving cars out of the driveway, my eldest son unloaded the van and then accidentally backed his car over my youngest son't baseball gear. Not good. The aluminum bat handles are not made to have that kind of pressure put on them and the handles cracked. State tournament is this coming weekend and now he doesn't have either of his two bats, which has helped him lead the team in hitting. He was devastated and that put a damper on the evening. Monday morning, I got up early and prepared a couple racks of ribs with a rub I put together and let them sit. Went to several baseball places looking for same bats, no luck. I did find a used one which was a year newer than his old one for $50 and then a new  one but different kind  on sale for $150.SSSSHHHH. Lets keep that quiet. That seemed to calm him down. We went to the park and took batting practice and he was hitting pretty well.  We'll see how well he plays this Friday in Des Moines. Dinner time, ribs were fantastic. Would have been better with some Knights cord, but they are not out yet. Did some more fireworks but curfew was 10am Monday, so we stopped and  Played some family games until about 2am.  Got up early and built mountings for  a hammock for my duaghter between a few trees in the backyard. Did some work on the computer , watched the cubs play terrible again, and then took the family to the Kernels game. It was hot, we sat in the right field blathers and baked. Luckily the beer was cold, but not as cold as the Kernels bats. We lost 2-1. Got home in plenty of time to shoot off the remaining fireworks. We had the best display on the block. No injuries, but a few close calls. My ears though not that good to begin with are still ringinig. I should know better.   Here's a tip. Let someone else light the short fuse on the big ones if you cant see that well.  Fun weekend but with the cost of the phone, phone plan, fireworks, 2 bats, baseball tickets, food, and beer, will have me in the red for a few months. .  Hope the kids made some memories because I'm getting old and will forget what it cost me.

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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