Musical Tattoos that play your favorite song

Do you have a tattoo? If you do. what song would you have it play. There is new technology, so they say that they can attach a song to your tattoo. Soundwave Tattoos is creating playable audio tattoos Once people get a sound wave of up to a minute audio on their body, the app will play whatever the sound is when a phone is put on it While some think it's a hoax, Soundwave assures naysayers the technology is real and will launch this summer  Love the sound of something so much you wish you could have it with you always? Well Skin Motion has you covered. The company is in the midst of creating tattoos that play up to a minute of whatever audio you'd like. 

Here's how it works: a person gets a sound wave inked on their arm. Then, when the Skin Motion app is on and a phone's camera is pointed at the tattoo, the audio will play. The company has videos of the technology on its website, but some are calling it a hoax. I'm skeptical, but if I can find someone to show me theirs, I will get one. So the question remains, what song would you get? I'm thinking I would get the Minnesota Viking Theme song. Skol vokings! or Perhaps  AC/DC Thunderstruck. How about you?

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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