Video Evidence of Structure on Mars

The Eagles wrote a song about Hotel California.  You could check in any time you like, but you could never leave. How would you like to take a trip to Mars and check into the newly discovered building. Here's the catch.. you may not ever come back. It could be an alien outpost, a 5 Star Galaxy retreat with ET fantasy Vixens, or it could be a Tower of Terror or it might not be anything at all. No one is really sure, including NASA. My theory is that with all the cuts and downsizing of the space program, that its someone's scheme to promote investigation and a 10 year discovery program to check it out. Millions of dollars are wasted by the government to research stiupid crap all the time, why not this. Just don't waste my time until they install the nanotube space elevators that I can take a ride to the moon first or build a real Starship Enterprise where Captain Kirk and I can beam up together.  #area51 @williamshatner @jjcookradio

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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