Sleeping Your Way into a Promotion. Interested?

Not what you think. While there are those that may take advantage of an office scenario which makes a closer than normal relationship pay off in a promotion or raise. This has nothing to do with your boss or co-workers.This is about your relationship at home.  A new study at the University of Oregon claims that having sex daily gives you an advantage over others.

A study documented on of the mood of 159 married employees for two weeks. They found men and women were far more productive and engaged if they'd had sex the night before. Researchers also found people who brought work stress home had worse sex.

So.. Have sex every night and you will be more productive, you'll enjoy your job, work harder, and move up the career ladder with a better work-life balance. 

Unless someone comes up with a way to get Dopamine like fast food, there is no better way to get more pep in your step.

The biggest challenges are convincing your spouse this will get you promoted and then of course finding the time and being committed.

JJ Cook

JJ Cook

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