Coronavirus Could Causes Hockey Stick Shortage, Big Delays!

Zander has gone through 5 custom sticks since january 5th alone. Imagine how many the pros go through.

Hockey equipment companies Bauer and CCM make custom sticks for a combined 75 percent of NHL players. Good news in the short term on the situation “We have backup stock in the U.S. and Canada to meet these needs, and we are working closely with equipment managers to understand their inventory levels and ensure players have what they need,” Bauer CEO Ed Kinnaly told the Boston Globe.

If you and your child buy a "stock stick" and DON'T order custom, it will be a while before a delays gets to you. However Zander has a custom made which now has been delayed over a month instead of two weeks. HOPEFULLY he doesn't break his back up in the meantime :) .

The price has also not been affected YET. We'll have to wait and see....

photo: Ron Michaels

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