Winterland: Legends of '77

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Winterland: Legends of '77

The Cornell show was one of the first widely circulated soundboard recordings from the Dead's own Betty Cantor-Jackson, who did a live multi-track recording of nearly every show they played from the late '60s to the mid-'80s. 

Cornell sounded like a studio album in its audio quality, and it was a magical performance by a band which was hitting on all cylinders during their 1977 tour. This tour was in every way exceptional – powerful yet sublime music poured from the stage night after night – but there was something particularly special about the Cornell and Buffalo shows. Whereas Cornell was laid back and relaxed, Buffalo was fiery and urgent, with the Dead opening the night with the 25-minute, jazzy, psychedelic rock suite, "Help on the Way>Slipknot>Franklin's Tower" from their 1975 album "Blues for Allah." 

Though less well-known than the show that was captured the previous night, Buffalo is an equally brilliant performance given by the Dead at the height of their inspiration. Winterland can't wait to recreate this exhilarating show with their own improvisational spirit and original voice while maintaining fidelity to the Dead's well-loved, 1977-era sound. 


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