Join me weekdays from noon to 1 pm to hear one of your favorite songs on the "Classic Café All-Request Lunch Hour." There are several ways to get your request to me.  Call 319-365-5101 or 319-351-5101. Email or use the request feature on the homepage at  If you're a Fox Facebook Friend, you can post a request on our wall. And if you follow us on twitter, tweet us a request.

Request Reminder: while we want to play your request, we do not play ALL requests


If it's an artist or group we have never played, chances are they don't fit with our overall music format and your song won't air. 

If the request is too "obscure," it may not get on the air. Sometimes we just don't have it in our approved company music library.

If you request the same song again and again, your song may get bumped for a less frequently requested song.

If your request is for a song that's already played earlier in the day, we won't repeat the song during the Classic Café.

If the song has been requested and played during the Classic Café within the past week, the request will not be repeated.

If your request is a song "off the beaten path" but a song our audience will remember/recognize, we might play it, but only once every few months.

And, of course, If you insult your host, your request most likely will not be played.  :)