Ray Davies of The Kinks, Donovan, Graham Gouldman, who co-founded and still fronts 10cc, joins Mark James ("Suspicious Minds") and Jim Weatherly ("Midnight train To  Georgia") in the Songwriters Hall of Fame's Class of 2014.

Here's a GREAT quote from Graham:

"Well, I think anybody could put a few notes together. It's knowing whether those notes have a quality about them and an attractiveness that makes you want to hear them again."

Gouldman's career took off in the '60s when he wrote such classics as "Heart Full of Soul" and "For Your Love" for The Yardbirds, as well as "Bus Stop" for The Hollies.


"I had a real job at one time and I used to go to work on the bus, everyday. And that's where the... kinda... the idea for it came from. Manchester, where I used to live, is very famous for the rain -- as well as Manchester United [soccer team]. So, that's where the umbrella idea came from."