Ran across this interesting list which was published in COSMO back in 1970. I'm contemplating whether or not to show it to my wife. It's rather funny and I certainly don't remember my mother ever doing these kind of things. The article was titled ' Things to do with your hands that men like". Suggestions to please your man.  It's missing a few things don't you think.. like Pointing your finger and telling the kids to go outside and play so Dad can watch the game or using your finger in a 'come this way' motion towards the love nest. Check out the list.

  • Immurse him in a hot bath and play Geisha
  • Dangle grapes over his mouth feeding him one at a time
  • Frolic in his chest hair
  • Fluff his pillow
  • Build him a sand castle
  • Massage the backs of his legs while he's standing
  • Take a dictated letter like a secretary.
  • Tuck a scented scarf in his pillow.
  • Hold your wine glass towards him with a sweet toast
  • Treat his feet as sacred, massage and rub with oil
  • Lead him to the sofa, put cushions under his head and bring him a martini
  • Offer to drive when he's tired

you get the drift...I don't see anything on here about dialing the phone to make him an automated  tee-time for Sunday or shopping on-line for some sports tickets. Oh yeah.. those things didn't exist back then. Could someone please update the list for today's wife. Just don't send me a copy or it will lead to a night or two on the couch.