I enjoy ice water, more than pop. My kids on the the other hand will only drink water as a last resort if they are thirsty. We've managed to wean them off most of the sugar brands  into diet soda, and really push things like Crystal lite or their equivalent. But when given a choice they will still grab soda. I was surprised to hear the hottest new beverage is water. Water is one of the fastest-growing segments of the beverage industry, while sales for soda are on the decline. I'd like to shake the guys hand who first decided to bottle water, which we all get in our homes already, yet we  are willing to paycrazy money  for water, most of which is the same as tap water. I saw a cartoon one time which showed a guy behind the wall filling up bottles from a hose and putting labels on them to go on the shelf. He was laughing and the little bubble above his head read "Don't you just love perception?"