Today is National Bunson Burner Day. We alll remember those days in 7th & 8th grade science class. Did you ever make anything you weren't supposed to? I have to admit, I did once. There was a substitute teacher and we convinced her to give us a bottle of liquid iodide for a project. We made up a solution of Nitrogen Tri iodide, that was, very unstable. We spread it out to dry in crystal form on the counter tops over night.  When the regular teacher opened the door the next morning, you could hear the glass shattering from beakers. The draft from the door made things go off. Luckily janitorial duty for a week was all we got, since one of the  buddies involved was the teachers son.

I love science. Saw this video which is a cool experiment I've done at home with my kids before involving Mentos and Coca Cola. You can make a pretty cool rocket using Mentos or Alka Seltzer. In this eone below, they add Nutella Chocolate Spread. Check it out.... I wouldn't suggest doing this indoors, unless you are at someone else's house.