Was rummaging around the basement over the weekend and found a few boxes of hidden treasure or what my wife calls 'Dad's junk'. I ran across  about 250 cassette tapes and a few 8-tracks. At one time, like many of us back in the 70's, was a member of the Columbia House or RCA Record clubs. What a great deal; 6 tapes for a penny as long as you bought another 3 at regular price with shipping and handling; They would send you a postcard every month with the feature selection and if you didn't send back the card, it showed up in the mail along with the bill. My approach was to buy the 3 required and then cancel my membership. Then they would send you a better offer, like 11 for a penny if you bought 5 more. I did that for several years and had accounts under different names to get more free selections. It saved me a ton of money. Now I have all these cassettes and really need to find a way to transfer them to digital or at least CD's. The last time I saw one in a store, it was turned into a belt buckle as a novelty.The 8 Tracks are just a funny reminder. My how technology has accelerated. Many kids today don't even know what a cassette player or Walkman is. Check out this video.