Apparently being able to bench press 250lbs, change a tire, playball with your kids, and take charge in the bedroom is no longer the qualities women are looking for in a man, so they say. Here are the qualities of the new man women want:

  • They don't take themselves seriously.
  • They do not do fad diets
  • They can cook 2 or 3 dishes well, other than spaghetti and mac and cheese or grill burgers.
  • They do not take selfies
  • They know what they want when they want a drink, they do not mull over the list or need a minute.
  • They are passionate about something-- sports ok.
  • They are lovers and fighters, just not together
  • They can take care of the kids on their own and change a diaper.
  • They don't want it all the time.
  • They don't ask how much things cost if it makes her happy
  • They enjoy watching romantic movies,
  • They don't dwell on their insecurities and flaws, but admit they exist

Please.. who tallied the results for this list.  What a bunch of crap. While I could check off most of the things on this list, Women have become far too picky and will find themselves even more lonely spending time with their friend B.O.B, instead of all the great guys out there who may not fall into or live up to  today's idealistic standards. Thank goodness my wife settled 22 years ago and has learned to adapt to my less than perfect qualities.