I don't know of anyone who is a fan of either of these summer friends. if you spend any time at the park, at sportiung events, or even in your back yard, you may have noticed an increase in Gnats this year. They should only be arouind for about 2 more weeks, then they should be done. However, with the wety weather we have seen latly, it could be one of the worst seasons we've had in recent years for mosquitos.  I've already stocked up for my camping trip at the end of the month, and a friend turned me on to using vanilla extract from the kitchen that really does the job on keeping the Gnats away in the mean time.

Enjoy the mosquitos while you can, scientists are cross breeding to get a mel only population of mosquitoes. Apparently it's only the female mosquito that bites you and I. Ironic. They could have biting mosquitos  under control by 2016., which could be bad news if you own stock in Cuutter's or OFF repelent.

Which do I like.. Gnats or Mosquitos... neither. I prefer flies and amusde myself on the porch with the plastic flys watter.