Social Media and Cell phones, while the technology has brought us all closer together from an information point of view, has changed the way people act in many circumstances. I saw a story on the news last night where an elderly woman crashed her car into a store front. Instead of rushing to help the woman and see if she was hurt, the two people nearest the car took a long time to get out their smart phones and take photos of the mishap and post them on facebook. Seriously? They were more concerned about getting some publicity than they were rescuing the woman. Today I found a video caught on store camera of an employee who falls and the manager tells him not to move...not to keep him from further injury, but to get a picture of it. Really. Have we lost our common sense and compassion for our fellow man. It's bad enough e don't talk face to face with anyone anymore, but to delay helping someone so you can instagram or facebook it is really sad.